The founders of Nest Colorêe were inspired to create a combination of bird’s nest and flower teas with the understanding of the health benefits they bring.

Harvested and imported directly from Indonesia, Nest Colorêe bird’s nests are meticulously researched and developed with numerous flavours which involve mixing and combining different flower teas which are cold brewed for 12 hours, to create the ultimate final products.

You may ask, why bird’s nest? With the existing health benefits of flower teas, combining bird’s nest with these flower teas may not only be more beneficial for health and beauty, but it also helps to add a unique touch and taste to the products. Unlike traditional bird’s nest, Nest Colorêe bird’s nests are produced in various colours. These colours are due to the natural colourings of the flower tea, and they contain no preservatives. Hence, the word “Colorêe”, which means “colourful” in French.


To create awareness for not only health and beauty, but to provide a unique experience for customers. Not every day you see a colourful box of bird’s nest waiting for you to take the first sip. We also aim to make our products affordable for our customers, so more people can have a go at our bird’s nests, be it for their own consumption or gifting purposes.