frequently asked questions

Yes. Our Nest Colorêe bird’s nest is safe for all age groups.

Yes. Our Nest Colorêe bird’s nest does not contain any preservatives or artificial food colouring.

Flower tea products have not been studied enough to be recommended during pregnancy. Do consult your doctor if you are planning to take these flower tea bird’s nest.

As our products contain no additives or preservatives, we strongly recommend that the Nest Colorêe bird’s nest to be kept refrigerated at all times and to be consumed within 1 week from delivery.

Our products contain the following dried flowers for the 12 hours cold brew:

Jasmine & butterfly pea, roselle & rose buds, chrysanthemum, osmanthus.

The bottle is 100ml each, contains 60ml of the cold brew flower tea, 50g of cooked grade AAA bird’s nest and approximately 4g of rock sugar as natural sweetener.

Our products do not contain pork and lard, but we are not halal certified.

As our Nest Colorêe Bird’s Nest are cooked-to-order, we will require 2 working days to cook and deliver.

Please ensure that there is someone present to receive the delivery as the products need to be kept refrigerated once received. Alternatively, you can contact us at to reschedule your delivery at least 2 days in advance if there is no one to receive the delivery.

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